Assistance and Referral Center of Help Annapolis MD 21401

The assistance and referral programs are offered at our Gardner Center office Monday through Thursday.
The Center of Help, with our experienced and dedicated caseworkers, can help YOU with
a) Translations/interpretations
b)Financial Assistance
c) Medical issues
d) Employment and workers compensation
e)Housing and financial issues
f) Court issues
g) Applications assistance

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Assistance and Referral

Gillermina Testimonio Center of Help Annapolis MD 21401

I am very satisfied with all the help I was provided in order to prepare my documents for my court case process. On this occasion, I was personally advised from the court to come to this office to receive help; it was my first time requesting services at the Center of Help. I feel one hundred percent supported with the translations, copies, advice and the assistance I received completing the court applications.
Guillermina Guzman

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Our people talking about the Center

Application employement Center of Help Annapolis MD 21401

The Center of Help supports the Hispanic, Latino community with job search, job applications, and resume writing.

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Employment Services

Health Connection Health Insurance Center of Help Annapolis MD 21401

The Center of Help is officially designated as an Application Counselor Sponsoring Entity by the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange. Enrollment is year-round for Medicaid and MCHP and people with certain life changes For more information please contact us.
Our caseworker, Paula Gray, is now a certified application counselor! She can now help our families to enroll in the health care insurance through the Maryland Health Connection. For more information please contact us.

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Health Insurance Assistance